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Your Bright Mind: Discovering and Creating Your Career Success Mindset

Navigating your way through life and career

As we embark on a journey towards our goals, most of us often use the hit-and-miss track and jump straight into action…

Without thinking.

Without listening to the messages we get along the way about our fears or unmet needs.

Without living in alignment with our values.

But still hoping the outcome that we get is the one that we want. 

However, it most often results in wasted time, energy and effort.

As with any project, whether it's from buying a house doing a project at work or hunting for a job…

What makes the difference is having an intentional approach in achieving your goals 

It is about establishing your career success mindset before you start taking action. 

Because those who are thinking ahead of time propel themselves towards their own vision of success.

Our psychology is a huge part of our success. 

As Tony Robbins aptly puts it… Success is 80% psychology and 20% skill.

To know yourself...

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A 4-Step Guide On How to Get Better Career Opportunities

It's time to transform your career

Are you feeling stuck in your current job and struggling to make a career change? 

I understand that career transformations can be challenging and intimidating. 

But settling for a career that doesn't fulfil you is not the answer. 

It won't help you fulfil your vision of success.

While recruiters are now using social media platforms like LinkedIn to scan the market for potential candidates…

First impressions are more important than ever before. 

And this is an opportunity for you to rethink your online presence.

How you show up

How you engage with others

How you articulate yourself

How you deliver your work

How you uphold what you stand for

Being mindful of these things will help you attract your dream career opportunities.

Building a personal career brand

Attracting your dream opportunities requires you to put yourself out there.

And create a personal brand to represent yourself, your future, and the ideal market or...

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What is Your Vision of Success?

Uncategorized Jan 31, 2023

Do you know YOUR vision of success?

Your own version of how you want your life and your career to be versus someone else's vision of success or what's expected of you?

As we grow up, we go through school, we're surrounded by our family, we maybe go to university or college, and then we enter the workforce, and we learn what success is. 

We acquire a vision of success that's often shaped by other people's expectations of us, of what's socially acceptable, or what's possible.

We don't realise that we've never had a vision of success that is our own...

Until the pain of not living the life we're meant to live becomes too big.

Perhaps we have woken up one day and realised that the version of success that we've been striving for doesn't seem so relevant to us anymore. 
We're not sure exactly what's missing or why not, but whatever it is, it doesn't seem to motivate us or cut it for us. 
We spend so much time in our careers, we really look at our careers as a great vehicle to...

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Uncategorized Sep 21, 2022

Most people believe you CAN'T have a financially rewarding career doing something fulfilling, enjoyable and  that you love.

That you have to choose. 

Money OR Meaning?

Meaning OR Money?



I don’t just believe it's wrong…

I know you ABSOLUTELY can 

Make an IMPACT that matters

Overcome self-limits & ABUNDANTLY receive, AND 

Live your PURPOSE in a career & life you LOVE… on your terms! 

“Yeah, right Janine!!!” I hear you say

Stick with me here… 

Because, I don’t just teach this stuff

I LIVE it!

Travelling the world with my family,

Experiencing a life I consciously chose and created, & 

Living my Purpose, helping women all over the world

Discover & Live Their Purpose, 

Level Up their Abundance and 

Create positive impacts that ripple into families, communities & workplaces

If I can do it, YOU can too!

So collectively,...

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Uncategorized Sep 20, 2022

Ha!   That’s TOTAL BS!! 

This is me almost 50yo, first time at the helm, learning to read the wind, the water and pull the (right) ropes to hoist and furl the sails and feeling the FEAR and doing it anyway 

I’m LOVING learning something 

that’s TOTALLY outside my comfort zone, 

I’ve never done before

And is at times scary as F#*K when there’s strong wind, big ships around you and radio operators barking orders!

I get it though… 

For many stepping outside of their familiar, safe, known comfort zone 

(even if that zone is not fun or is even painful)

To learn & apply new skills & strategies so they can create, have & enjoy what they truly desire 

Is WAAAAY too big a step

FEAR takes over &

Rules the rational mind 

Creating self-sabotaging thoughts like 

What if I fail

What if I’m no good at it

What will others think

What if I don’t like it

What if I’m...

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Having spoken to countless women through my personal life, career and coaching practice, the biggest challenge I hear them say is “I have no time for myself”. They are so busy meeting everyone else’s needs and expectations, putting their partner, kids, employer, friends, parents, even their dog ahead of their own needs and wants, that they leave no fuel in the tank to look after themselves.
They try to overcome this with willpower, starting the new year off with good intentions, fitting in some exercise and healthy eating habits, leaving work at a reasonable time once or twice a week, booking in some “me” time, but eventually, it’s like an elastic band that’s been stretched to its maximum, and when you let go of the tension it snaps back to the way it was before.
They come up with all sorts of… let’s call them reasons, as to why this happens, but I believe it comes down to one simple reason… they have...
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career success May 12, 2020
Are you just hanging on in your career... or are you pulling yourself up the mountain rock by rock? 
It all depends on your perspective or mindset!
Check out this podcast** from my interview with Vicki Williams and Jo Raydan from Two Natural Ladies where I share some tips to help you or someone you know who may be feeling uncertain during these ttimes:
A big shout out to Vicki Williams and Jo Raydan from Two Natural Ladies for the opportunity to share ideas around dealing with your career during times of uncertainty.
** Interview starts half way through
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Find out how Career Coaching can help you create the kind of Success, Meaning and Joy you desire in your career.

Book a Free Career Strategy Call with me:

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This may resonate with some of you…

When people find themselves in a career black hole then there are usually a couple of reasons driving this…

The first is they are not doing what they are passionate about, what gives them purpose and meaning, what lights them up or brings joy to their career.  They are living in misalignment with their personal values, feeling like there is a hole inside them, yet not really knowing why they feel this way.

And the second is because they don’t know themselves well enough to know what they value, what’s important to them, what drives them from within what they’re passionate about.  They are on auto pilot, striving for a definition of success they acquired from someone else, maybe a parent, teacher, partner or someone at work… living by rules, standards and expectations they learnt from their family, schools, society…

When you know yourself deeply, and are clear about your values, what...

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