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Your Bright Mind: Discovering and Creating Your Career Success Mindset

Navigating your way through life and career

As we embark on a journey towards our goals, most of us often use the hit-and-miss track and jump straight into action…

Without thinking.

Without listening to the messages we get along the way about our fears or unmet needs.

Without living in alignment with our values.

But still hoping the outcome that we get is the one that we want. 

However, it most often results in wasted time, energy and effort.

As with any project, whether it's from buying a house doing a project at work or hunting for a job…

What makes the difference is having an intentional approach in achieving your goals 

It is about establishing your career success mindset before you start taking action. 

Because those who are thinking ahead of time propel themselves towards their own vision of success.

Our psychology is a huge part of our success. 

As Tony Robbins aptly puts it… Success is 80% psychology and 20% skill.

To know yourself deeply and be aware of what drives your results, let’s look at the most influential components of your mindset:

Your beliefs

Your values

Your core needs

Your standards

Your expectations

Your attributes

Your risks

Being able to identify these helps you then consciously choose how to shape your mindset and behaviours in healthy ways to support you in realising your success.

Exercise: Creating your success mindset starts here!

Identify your beliefs.

Beliefs are convenient assumptions we make up to help us makes sense of our world. What do you believe to be true about you, other people and the world? What are your current perceptions of money, success, learning, feedback and failure?

Identify your values.

If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where it was tough to make a decision, the reason is that you were unclear about what you valued most within that situation. 

Values can include (but not limited to) health, integrity, joy, connection, passion, compassion, certainty, creativity, adventure, happiness, achievement, growth, contribution and freedom.

Identify your core needs.

These are the drivers of our decisions and behaviours. Our six basic core needs are certainty, variety, significance, love, growth and contribution.

Consider the next big decision ahead of you, like what’s next for you in your career, how you are setting up your new business, or some other big decision you have to make. How will you meet your core needs in making this decision?

Identify your standards.

How we do the little things is how we do everything. Your standards are the MUSTs you set for yourself and you adhere to, the non-negotiables that have to happen no matter what and with no excuses. 

Think about the standards you have set for yourself… consciously or subconsciously so far that have been influencing your results in your career. What will you focus on, adopt, and grow to help you create your ultimate career success?

Identify your expectations.

It’s said that we teach people how to treat us and that we get the team we deserve. This is based on what we expect of others, and what we insist on. You will attract higher quality people around you, the higher your expectations of those you will have with, work with and work for.

What expectations will you keep or adopt and hold firm as you create your ultimate career success?

Identify your attributes.

May it be tenacity, curiosity, strategic thinking, focus, humour, grit, accountability, persistence, determination, compassion, passion, openness, creativity, resourcefulness, integrity or any other attribute you have… 

  1. What are you letting go of that could block your career success?
  2. What will you leverage to create your career success?
  3. What are you growing to bring about your career success?

Identify your risks.

May it be fears, overwhelm, procrastination, perfectionism or people pleasing…

Consider these unresourceful strategies that you may have been using in the past. They have served you in some way and it is important to acknowledge this so you can raise your awareness to strategies that may hold you back from achieving the kind of success that you want.

Identify which of these strategies are getting in your way to achieving success. This is your opportunity to let go so you can replace them with healthier strategies.


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